Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Block 04: Gold Ore

  In the darkness of a cavern you see a glint of light like a reflection.  It's gold ore!  Gold ore is the fourth block in the creative inventory.
  Gold ore only spawns in the layers from 0-32. Smelting it gives you one gold ingot.  With the ingots you can make armor and tools.  You can only mine gold ore with a iron or diamond which drops one gold ore. It is found in veins of 2-10.  Gold tools work and wear out faster then every other tool.
  Gold is the only thing that can't be mined by itself so it is not very useful.  Gold might seem valuable but it isn't really.  Gold is not very useful because you can't make much of anything with it.


Redstone is usually found at bedrock level and diamond level.  Redstone circuts are useful for lighting redstone lights.  Redstone lights can be used to light caverns, houses, and pathways.  Redstone can also blow up dirt, ores, stone, and houses by putting a block of tnt touching the redstone, and leaving a trail of redstone. Next light it with a redstone torch and watch it blow up!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Block 03: Diamond Ore

  In the deepest depths of the earth....  Surrounded by lava pools is a stone studded with light blue gems.  It's diamond ore!  Diamond ore is the third block in the creative inventory.
Diamond D 28x.jpg  Diamond ore when mined with a iron or diamond pick yields one diamond.  You can only find diamond ore in the lowest 16 layers of the earth.  You can only obtain diamond ore with a silk touch pickax.  Diamond ore is found the most between layers 12 and 5 as shown in the picture.  Diamond spawns in veins of 1-10. Diamond ore can be smelted to make diamonds.
  Overall diamond ore is a very useful block in minecraft.  It's the rarest of all blocks.  So when you see diamond ore go for it!


Diamond is normally found at  15 and to bedrock and it is found by lava. 
Diamond is used for making strong amour and swords and pickaxes. Diamond ore can  be mined with a iron  pick-axe or diamond pick-axe. Diamond is also used for enchantment table and jukeboxs to.It is raw material which means it is not made into any thing.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Block 01: Cobblestone

 You walk into a cavern and you see stone...  You mine some out and you get cobblestone!  Cobblestone is the first block in the creative inventory.
  The only natural cobble is found in villages, dungeons, strongholds, and when flowing lava meets flowing water.  This is a building material used for making castles, roads, and watchtowers.  It is used to craft a variety of items. These are the items: furnaces, cobblestone slabs, stone stairs, stone tools, levers, pistons, brewing stands,  and dispensers.  Cobblestone can be smelted back into stone. The original logo of Minecraft on the website was made out of cobblestone.  
  Cobblestone is a very useful block. It can make many things. It is very basic as you only need to mine stone with at least a wooden pick to get it.  If you find a cavern go mine out some cobblestone!

bow and arrow

The bow can shoot very far if you hold right click and then you release right click and its likely that  you won-t find it. The bow is wore out very slowly.It takes about 2 to 3 shots to kill a mob.
The bow and arrow can not break a block.
It can get stuck in any block.